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VORTEX Kimonos was built on BJJ teams sales. We are proud of our ability to provide the best customer experience from ease of ordering to the fastest delivery times. Our model is unique in the fight industry. 


We just need your team’s logo as well as the location you want the logo on your GI, Rash guard or shorts. If your team doesn’t have a logo, we can help you to create one. Once that the mockup is developed by our designers it will be sent for your approval. We are 100% flexible to design the apparel you dreamed for your team. 

Fast Delivery

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Customize Uniform

You will get personal, 1 to 1 service from a Vortex Account Manager. He / she will work with you understanding your needs, helping you since defining your design up to taking care of your orders. Furthermore, your account representative will be fluent  in English, Spanish and / or Portuguese, the language that best meet your needs!

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Cash Back

Plus, your organization receives a cash rebate for all of your member purchases from Vortex. Together we will define a fair sales price in line with the industry for each item. 

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Dedicated Account Rep


VORTEX Kimonos business model has been developed to support gym owners looking for maximize their profit, eliminate the apparel inventory cost while providing high quality BJJ apparel to its students.

As a long time BJJ practitioners we really understand how difficult to a business owner is: to develop their stores, find apparel suppliers, define their design, negotiate with suppliers and manage inventory and payments. It consumes the time that should be spent with your students and preparing the real BJJ classes. Vortex Kimonos online platform will do the hard work for you! See below how easy it is:

We then will build a Vortex online store customized for your team. Your students will simply go online, order & pay for their items, then everything will be shipped directly to their home. The inventory items are fully managed by your Vortex Account Representative. More... You put ZERO money and effort down!

Developing your Online  Store & Ordering

With Vortex First-In, First-Out production workflow, your students will not wait for every team member to order before they get their uniforms! As soon as they submit their order online, we start working on it!


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Regular Gi

special edition black.png

Special Edition Gi

Short Sleeve Rashguard

Rash frente.png

Long Sleeve Rashguard

Short frente.png

NO GI Shorts



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